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DONG NAI IMPORT EXPORT PROCESSING AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS AND FOODS COMPANY (DONAFOODS)  has officially established on 22nd Jun 1990, is state company specializing in processing agricultural products and foods.

At present our company is running under the form of Mother and Subsidiary companies with total charter capital of over 20 million USD and more than 2.000 workers.

–    Our comapny has  5 satellite factories with total income yearly 70 millions USD.

A. DONAFOODS’ main products comprise:

1. . Cashew kenels:  6,000 mt/year

2. Cashew nut shell liquid : 8,000 mt/year

3. Tolling products: Macadamia kernels, Almond, Pistachios, Walnuts….

: 5.000mt of nut in shell/year.

B. DONAFOODS’ products have been consumed in over 25 countries on the World: North USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, China and European Nations, Middle East, etc…with turnover of 70  million USD per year.


C. DONAFOODS has a system of building, factories that meets GMP and  GMP.WHO, HACCP standards and has a system of quality control under ISO, BRC and HACCP which has been accredited by BVQI(UK).

D. DONAFOODS’ brand is prestigious in consumption countries and got “Vietnam Gold Star Award”, many gold medals and awards in Vietnam as well as on the World.


E. DONAFOODS is ready to cooperate with all partners in investment, producing, processing of agricultural products and foods and trading. Our especial attention is joint venture and cooperation in processing added value products from cashew kernels.

Contact details:


Address: 647 – Hanoi Highway – Quarter 2 – Long Binh Ward – Bien Hoa City – Dong Nai Province

Phone: + 84 2513 891 637; 02513 892577; 02513 892571;

Fax: + 02513 892 578; 02513 892 577

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